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Middleton Foods, a UK-based manufacturer of pre-mixes for the foodservice sector, has launched a new plant-based mix product.

The product is designed to provide a versatile foundation that UK caterers can use to craft their own meat-free menu items, including sausage rolls, meatballs, burger patties and falafels.

Suitable for vegans and certified gluten-free by Coeliac UK, the new mix has been developed without soy or wheat using an innovative combination of plant-based ingredients.

The mixture can be used as if it were meat, simply requiring the addition of water before being formed into the desired shape, cooked and served. Vegan versions of popular menu choices, like Greek-style koftas and scotch eggs, can be developed with the mix.

Paul Stanley, foodservice manager at Middleton Foods, commented: “With many consumers choosing to enjoy a plant-based diet as a lifestyle choice, vegan menus have wide appeal”.

He added: “Using a ready-made blend of uniquely balanced ingredients, our new mix ensures the quality and consistency operators can rely on to deliver deliciously tasty menu items which burst with flavour and offer the appearance of their traditional alternatives, with an appetising colour, form and satisfying bite.”

The mix is suitable for use in any catering establishment including cafés, pubs and casual dining, by any member of the kitchen team regardless of skillset. It is available in 2kg tubs, which contain enough mix to make approximately 52 large sausage rolls or burgers.

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Middleton Foods unveils new plant-based pre-mix for foodservice

The Plant Base

29 March 2024

Middleton Foods unveils new plant-based pre-mix for foodservice

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