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Welcome to The Plant Base – your go-to resource for staying informed about the latest global news, innovations and trends within the dynamic plant-based food industry.

Dedicated to delivering impactful insights that both enlighten and empower decision-makers, our mission is to fortify the success of businesses in the plant-based landscape.

The Plant Base is the brainchild of FoodBev Media. Born in 2000 as a traditional ink-on-paper publisher, FoodBev has evolved into a global multimedia force with B2B publications that cover topics such as food, beverage, plant-based, cell-based, dairy, technology, sustainability, health and packaging.

Industry insights for business growth

FoodBev Media

The Plant Base Magazine

The Plant Base is the first B2B magazine in the food and beverage industry that is dedicated solely to the plant-based sector, providing readers with unrivalled insights into the current developments across the area, as well as an essential guide to the future of the segment.


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Our industry-leading publications, FoodBev, The Cell Base and Refreshment, provide our audience with timely news, views and insights from across the food and beverage industries.

Furthermore, FoodBev hosts a range of prestigious award programmes, encompassing food innovation, beverage innovation, plant-based Innovation, plant-based taste, coffee and catering technology. Two decades of global excellence underscore our commitment to recognising and celebrating outstanding achievements in all corners of the industry.

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