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Eat Just has introduced its latest reformulated recipe, Just Egg V5, claimed to offer significant improvements in flavour, texture and functionality.

The plant-based egg alternative brand said consumers will notice a ‘cleaner’ flavour profile than offered by previous versions, allowing the ‘pillowy’ and creamy texture to shine through. The Just Egg V5 recipe is said to provide a more neutral palette for traditional egg-based dishes, ranging from a simple scramble or omelette to a savoury quiche or strata.

Baking applications like breads, cookies, pancakes, muffins and crepes will also benefit from the new formula, as the brand revealed its latest iteration matches a conventional egg’s functionality more closely than ever before, providing better binding and aeration qualities.

The new version is the latest in a series of updates the company has made to its mung bean-based egg alternative since its original launch. The brand’s ultimate goal has been to develop a plant-based egg that tastes better, is more functional and offers a better nutritional profile than a traditional egg. This has involved work across multiple disciplines, from culinary expertise to protein science, operations and engineering.

When developing its new formula, the team revealed it had originally set out to simplify the manufacturing process for Just Egg’s pourable variant. After testing several process changes in its protein processing plant in Appleton, Minnesota, Eat Just said it discovered ‘surprising and positive’ benefits to the final product, resulting in a streamlined process and better quality product.

Chef, TV personality, writer and activist Andrew Zimmern praised the brand’s latest recipe, having been one of the first people to try the very first Just Egg over a decade ago.

“This latest iteration is fluffier and lighter, with better egg texture and more eggy flavour – and it performs better than any previous version I’ve tried,” Zimmern said. “I cannot tell the difference between this and a conventional scrambled egg. Absolutely unbelievable.”

Just Egg V5 can now be found in the egg section of retailers across the US, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Walmart, Target and Kroger.

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Just Egg debuts new ‘V5’ formulation

The Plant Base

5 June 2024

Just Egg debuts new ‘V5’ formulation

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