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Coldpress has expanded its range of nutritious beverages with a new mandarin juice, boosted with added vitamins B, D and E.

According to Coldpress founder Andrew Gibb, declining US and Brazilian crops, mounting Red Sea tensions and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns have led to an increase in orange juice prices. This, in turn, has led the company to explore the possibilities provided by other, more accessible fruits.

Gibb expanded: “Mandarins are a fantastic, low-calorie winter fruit, packed with vitamins and minerals. Alongside vitamin C, which ably supports one’s daily immune system function, mandarins contain two antioxidant phytochemicals (beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin) that your body turns to vitamin A, which supports good vision, a healthy immune system and positive growth development.”

Gibb also commented that the distinct sweetness of mandarins supports Coldpress’ ‘beyond breakfast’ appeal, with mandarin juice being ideal for an all-day drink, cocktails and mocktails. This versatility is fuelled by a growing appetite for healthier living offerings.

Coldpress mandarin orange juice will debut across UK retailers from March.

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Coldpress expands portfolio with vitamin-boosted mandarin juice

The Plant Base

13 February 2024

Coldpress expands portfolio with vitamin-boosted mandarin juice

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