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Alt-seafood start-up BettaF!sh has introduced its latest product, Sal-Nom, a plant-based alternative to hot-smoked salmon made from European seaweed.

This latest innovation follows the launch of BettaF!sh’s Tu-Nah in October 2021. According to the Berlin-based food-tech, Sal-Nom looks and tastes like traditional salmon, delivering an ‘authentic taste of the sea’ thanks to its blend of ingredients.

Sal-Nom is crafted from fava bean and pea proteins alongside organic European seaweed, delivering a seafood-like flavour without the use of soya or wheat. The product is designed for health-conscious consumers, providing a rich source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and fibre.

Seaweed can provide essential nutrients as a food ingredient, and requires no resources such as soil, freshwater, fertilisers or pesticides.

With overfishing and habitat destruction becoming an increasing threat to wild salmon stocks, Betta!Fish aims to provide a sustainable alternative that can reduce the demand for wild-caught and farmed salmon, support the recovery of natural salmon stocks and mitigate the environmental impacts of traditional aquaculture practices – such as water pollution, disease spread and disruption of marine ecosystems.

Deniz Ficicioglu, CEO at BettaF!sh, said: “By leveraging the natural benefits of seaweed, we offer a fish alternative that is not only delicious but also significantly contributes to the protection of our oceans and personal health”.

Sal-Nom will initially debut in glass jars, available in the chilled section at selected European supermarkets, with a canned format to follow later in the summer.

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BettaF!sh expands portfolio with seaweed-based salmon alternative

Melissa Bradshaw

18 June 2024

BettaF!sh expands portfolio with seaweed-based salmon alternative

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