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The World Plant-based Innovation Awards are back for 2024, and the FoodBev Awards team is thrilled to introduce the first of its esteemed panel of judges! Meet Marina Carli, returning to the judging panel for the third consecutive year. Read on to find out what Marina will be looking out for this time...

I'm incredibly excited to join the World Plant-based Innovation Awards 2024 as a judge for the third consecutive year! This event is a fantastic celebration of the creativity and excellence in the plant-based food and drink industry. With a focus on manufacturing and production, it highlights the innovative final products that are shaping the future of food.

With seven years of experience as a food engineer specialising in the development of healthy and vegan products, I've witnessed firsthand the rapid growth and increasing competition in the plant-based sector. Each year brings more products and cutting-edge technologies, making it both challenging and rewarding to stand out in the market.

One of the biggest hurdles is staying ahead in a perpetually evolving industry. Innovation transcends merely creating delicious flavours it encompasses crafting a holistic experience that includes ingredient selection, nutritional value, packaging, sustainability and a clear sense of purpose. Keeping pace with the latest trends, engaging with consumers, and scrutinising market data are crucial for maintaining relevance.

Throughout these experiences, I've learned the importance of adaptability and continuous education. Embracing new technologies and methods while staying attuned to consumer desires is essential. Collaboration and an open-minded approach are key to navigating the complexities of product development and achieving lasting success.

I'm passionate about driving impactful changes that make plant-based foods more accessible and appealing to a wider audience. My ultimate goal is to contribute to a more sustainable, practical, and enjoyable food future.

This year's awards provide an excellent platform for plant-based brands to achieve global recognition for their innovation. Being shortlisted is a hallmark of success, highlighting the significant contributions these companies and their teams are making to the industry.

I'm looking forward to seeing the innovative entries this year and celebrating the remarkable achievements within our vibrant community!

World Plant-based Innovation Awards 2024: Meet the judges – Marina Carli

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24 June 2024

World Plant-based Innovation Awards 2024: Meet the judges – Marina Carli

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