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Three Robins has expanded its oat drinks range with the launch of two oat milk-based smoothies for children, containing vegetables and no added sugar.

The oat smoothies, designed to provide a healthy on-the-go treat for children aged 3-12, are rich in fibre and provide hidden vegetables such as carrot, parsnip, courgette and beetroot. They are also fortified with vitamins and minerals including B12, B2 and D, plus folic acid and iodine. The smoothies are launching in two flavours, Super Berry and Totally Tropical.

Three Robins, launched in 2022, aims to provide delicious and better-for-you offerings for lactose intolerant consumers, as well as families seeking plant-based options.

Karen Robinson, the company’s founder, commented: “As a mum I was frustrated by the lack of quality options on shelf, unable to find a brand that could meet all the needs of our young family. I felt let down by the high levels of sugar in so many supposedly better-for-you snacks and the limited range of nutritious, plant-based kids treats that my boys would actually enjoy eating.”

The new smoothies are designed to be ambient and can easily be added to lunchboxes or backpacks. They will retail in the UK for £1.89 per 100g pack.

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Three Robins introduces oat-based smoothies with hidden veg

The Plant Base

3 June 2024

Three Robins introduces oat-based smoothies with hidden veg

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