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UK plant-based meal brand Bol Foods has entered the nutritionally complete meal market with its new line of Power Shakes.

Its first-ever whole foods-led RTD nutritionally complete meal, Power Shakes come in three flavour varieties: Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Chocolate.

Salted Caramel is a salty, sweet and smooth shake, blending pecans, oats and dates. Vanilla is a dairy-free blend of oats, banana, almonds and coconut, married together with vanilla notes. The Chocolate shake blends smooth cocoa with a hint of hazelnut.

Power Shakes are made with a blend of oats, bananas, nuts, dates and coconut. Each 410g bottle is packed with up to 22g protein, 26 vitamins and minerals, and no added sugar, sweeteners, gums or preservatives.

Paul Brown, founder and CEO of Bol Foods, said: “The breakfast category is exploding, and we’re so excited to be innovating in this space and bringing busy people the ultimate wholefoods and protein packed solution. My morning usually starts with a workout and I’m always looking for a quick and healthy breakfast when on the move. We’ve taken things to the next level with this range, as it’s not often you find something which tastes so indulgent but is actually good for you. From the lightweight recyclable packaging to the nutritional density and flavour packed inside, we are thrilled for this new launch.”

Power Shakes are available to purchase in UK retailers now.

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Bol Foods launches line of nutritionally complete RTD shakes

The Plant Base

15 May 2024

Bol Foods launches line of nutritionally complete RTD shakes

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