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Ayana Bio, a plant cell technology company and producer of sustainable bioactives for consumer products, has launched plant cell-cultivated lemon balm and echinacea health and wellness ingredients.

Launching first into the US market, these products have the bioactive composition of conventionally grown botanicals and can replace lemon balm and echinacea in dietary supplement formulations for sleep, mood and immune support.

Ayana Bio’s products are produced using plant cell cultivation technology. The process begins by identifying the best plant cell lines, which are then propagated from authenticated plants and assessed to identify the most suitable line for characteristics such as bioactive potency, composition and stability.

Plant cells can be fully propagated and harvested as an ingredient in just a few weeks.

Ayana Bio’s lemon balm and echinacea are non-GMO plant powders with standardised hallmark bioactive compositions. These ingredients were created as a means of tackling current supply challenges faced with agriculturally derived lemon balm and echinacea.

Frank Jaksch, chief executive officer of Ayana Bio, said: “The dietary supplement industry is in desperate need of bioactives that are traceable and more sustainable.”

He added: “Bringing plant cell-derived health and wellness ingredients to these markets will help CPGs access the full spectrum of bioactives characteristic of these plants without the supply chain challenges. Consumers are seeking out products for healthier lifestyles and a healthier planet.”

The plant cell-derived ingredients are DNA-fingerprint certified and clean label, with standardised phytocomplex, increased bioavailability, full traceability and a neutral taste and colour.

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Ayana Bio launches plant cell-cultivated lemon balm and echinacea ingredients

The Plant Base

24 April 2023

Ayana Bio launches plant cell-cultivated lemon balm and echinacea ingredients

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