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Wagamama Katsu Curry Pie 2

Wagamama, a British restaurant chain serving Japanese cuisine, has joined forces with Willy’s Pies to launch the latest addition to its menu: the Mushroom, Kimchee and Edamame Pie.

This collaboration marks a significant move in the plant-based food landscape, targeting consumers seeking flavourful and satisfying meat-free options.

Scheduled to debut tomorrow (29 February) across 19 locations, this pie fuses Asian-inspired tastes with the comforting appeal of a traditional British pastry. Developed during the lockdown period, Willy’s Pies taps into the essence of classic pie making.

At the heart of this collaboration lies Wagamama’s signature katsu sauce, enveloped within a flaky, indulgent pastry crust crafted by Willy’s Pies. Inside, the Mushroom, Kimchee and Edamame Pie features a combination of smoky king oyster mushrooms, diced aubergine and fresh edamame beans, all coated in a spicy curry sauce. The pie is then topped with tangy kimchi.

Global executive chef Steve Mangleshot commented: “It was a lot of fun working with the brilliant Will Lewis and the Willy’s Pies team back in November when we created the Chicken Katsu Pie for noodle lab. We’re thrilled to be bringing this iconic hybrid and its new vegan counterpart to Wagamama’s across the UK. Collaborating with leading innovators like Willy and experimenting with talk-worthy dishes keeps Wagamama relevant and fresh.”

Founder of Willy’s Pies Will Lewis added: “We’re so pleased to be working with Wagamama again – a lot of hard work and careful consideration has gone into making these pies taste as great as they do. We wanted to make something fun and innovative, without compromising on the flavour or quality Willy’s Pies is known for. We’re so excited to take these on tour and see what the rest of the nation thinks!”

The new pie comes on the heels of Wagamama’s recent launch of Lion’s Mane ‘Steak’ Bulgogi, introduced just in time for Veganuary this year.

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Wagamama teams up with Willy’s Pies to introduce vegan katsu pie

The Plant Base

28 February 2024

Wagamama teams up with Willy’s Pies to introduce vegan katsu pie

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