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Almond producer Veracruz Almonds has announced it will launch its Mediterranean almonds to vegan cheese suppliers across Europe.

Veracruz produces a range of almond varieties including Belona, Soleta, Avijor and Guara from its almond groves in Portugal.

Through offering its almonds to the vegan cheese market, the company said it will give consumers a new, exciting option that offers a different flavour profile to the vast majority of American-grown almonds.

Almonds are rich in healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, making them well-suited for the production of nutritious vegan cheese alternatives, Veracruz said.

The company champions ‘smart farming,’ utilising a tech-led approach with blockchain traceability, artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor the route of almonds from field to fork.

Veracruz leverages an advanced water irrigation system and Aqua4d technology to ensure ‘the highest precision water distribution,’ reducing water use in the orchards by 20% and achieving zero water waste. With its tech-led approach, Veracruz aims to support vegan cheese manufacturers in meeting their own sustainability commitments.

David Carvalho, founder and CEO of Veracruz Almonds, said that as the vegan cheese market grows at pace, it is vital to meet demand for new and exciting products.

“This is where our Mediterranean almonds come. Offering significant health benefits, and a unique flavour profile, Veracruz Almonds make the perfect base for a delicious vegan cheese,” he commented.

“As an established exporter already, we can back up our first-class product and sustainable production process with excellent supply contracts. As we enter the plant-based market, we look forward to partnering with like-minded manufacturers who want to deliver something truly unique to consumers across Europe.”

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Veracruz Almonds to supply plant-based cheese market

The Plant Base

16 November 2023

Veracruz Almonds to supply plant-based cheese market

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