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Food-tech company Clean Food Group has partnered with UK bakery brand Roberts Bakery, aiming to address unsustainable production of fats and oils.

The partnership will enable Clean Food Group to use Roberts Bakery’s surplus bread as a feedstock for its proprietary non-GMO yeast strain in the production of its precision fermentation-derived palm oil.

In a statement announcing the partnership, cellular agriculture company Agronomics – which includes Clean Food Group in its portfolio of companies – highlighted that studies show nearly one million tonnes of bread are lost from the supply chain each year.

Clean Food Group will convert the discarded bread into valuable oils and fats through the new partnership, showcasing the potential of circular economy principles within the food industry.

The partnership will begin with an initial trial phase, with an ambition to create a circular ecosystem with Roberts Bakery providing its bread waste to produce oils that can be used as an ingredient in bread and biscuits when combined with glucose syrup.

Clean Food Group co-founder, Chris Chuck, commented: “We’re seeing some great results from our early trials, irrespective of what the bread is, our yeast can use not just the whole carbohydrate fraction but the protein and microelements present as well. This all-in-one feed, gives us a real advantage over using more complex media, in both performance and sustainability.”

This week, Clean Food Group has also announced that it has been awarded funding from the UK government’s Novel Low-Emission Food Production Systems: Industrial Research Grant. The two-year project will see the company collaborate with researchers at the University of Bath to scale its bio-tech solutions and proprietary technology platform.

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Clean Food Group partners with Roberts Bakery

The Plant Base

5 December 2023

Clean Food Group partners with Roberts Bakery

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