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Canadian food technology company Chinova Bioworks has introduced MycoKleer, a new all-natural vegan fining agent for beverages.

MycoKleer is a natural alternative to synthetic or animal-based fining agents such as gelatin and isinglass, derived from upcycled white button mushrooms.

The company said its sustainably produced fining agent can save manufacturers time, energy and money by improving their efficiencies during the clarification process of drinks.

Introduced as a clean-label, self-affirmed GRAS processing aid, Chinova Bioworks said the fast-acting solution attracts and binds with yeasts, tannins, proteins and other unwanted particles from a variety of beverages such as juice, coffee, tea, cider, seltzer, beer and wine.

The solution also has the added benefit of eliminating or reducing time needed for cold crashing, filtration and centrifugation during beverage manufacturing, Chinova Bioworks said in a statement announcing the launch.

Within 12-24 hours of attracting and binding with unwanted particles, the solution settles a solid layer at the bottom of the tank allowing brewers to easily rack off the remaining clear liquid.

Recently, Chinova Bioworks worked with Moonshine Creek Distillery (MCD) to remove the natural sedimentation and haze in its Apple Crumble cocktail.

Joshua Clark, MCD’s VP and co-owner said: “Our old labour-intensive process used a sensitive filtration system and, after settling, caused us to lose ten litres out of every 50-litre batch”.

“With MycoKleer, we saved an additional three litres per batch of Apple Crumble cocktail. Plus, we reduced the amount of materials used and created a less labour-intensive process while producing superior clarity in the Apple Crumble cocktail than the original in less time.”

The company also launched its Mycobrio mushroom fibre product last year, which serves as a natural preservative as well as a fining agent.

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Chinova Bioworks introduces vegan fining agent

The Plant Base

13 June 2023

Chinova Bioworks introduces vegan fining agent

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