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UK climate tech start-up Foodsteps has partnered with the Good Food Institute (GFI) on the launch of a new tool designed to help alt-protein brands assess their carbon footprint.

The tool has been developed with input from over 30 manufacturers, including Quorn and Tofoo, in response to rising demand for lower-carbon high-protein foods.

Manufacturers in the alt-protein market can utilise the platform to measure their carbon impact accurately and efficiently conduct Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of their ingredients across key sustainability metrics, such as greenhouse gas emissions, land use and water consumption.

It aims to fill the gap in data on the environmental impact of new alternative protein solutions, providing greater transparency and data accuracy for the sector. By allowing companies to access validated LCA certificates, the category could be aided in emphasising the benefits of alt-protein products.

Anya Doherty, CEO at Foodsteps, commented: “Driven by rising consumer demand, alternative proteins could help dramatically decarbonise our food system. Yet manufacturers currently lack access to data to understand and communicate the ‘green impact’ of their products to investors, retailers, and consumers. We are delighted that the launch of this platform can help support this exciting market!”

Tessa Hale, GFI’s director of corporate engagement, said: “Alternative proteins are vital to tackling many of the world’s most pressing challenges, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to freeing up critical land and water sources and improving food security”.

She added: “GFI is thrilled to collaborate with Foodsteps to provide a free version of this new tool, which is a game changer for the industry as it allows for even more data and transparency across the alternative protein ecosystem”.

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Foodsteps partners with GFI on new alt-protein carbon footprint tool

The Plant Base

29 May 2024

Foodsteps partners with GFI on new alt-protein carbon footprint tool

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