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Food tech company SavorEat has partnered with global food services and facilities management leader, Sodexo, to bring its Robot Chef solution into the US market.

Powered by machine learning and AI, the Robot Chef aims to offer restaurants a cohesive production process that reduces waste by cooking personalised patties that only produce the specified amount of plant-based meat needed on demand.

Diners can customise protein and fat compositions, and select cooking preferences, to craft plant-based meals easily using its proprietary web application. User preferences are stored in the cloud and sent to the Robot Chef, which autonomously produces a patty within three minutes.

SavorEat will employ its Robot Chef to produce plant-based burgers for dining halls at the University of Colorado and the University of Denver. The University of Denver will provide students with the SavorEat platform this month at the Rebecca Chopp Grand Central Market, with the University of Colorado at Denver’s Eat Food Market to follow in 2024.

Racheli Vizman, CEO and co-founder of SavorEat, said: “By partnering with a legacy company like Sodexo, which encourages innovation and is at the forefront of adopting food tech to serve students worldwide, SavorEat extends its reach and brings our Robot Chef to the US”.

“We are excited to share the deliciousness of food that tastes like real meat without any animal-based ingredients, with tens of thousands of students. We’re proud to partner with Sodexo and could not ask for a better partner with which to mark our US debut.”

Moses DeBord, senior vice president for Sodexo Campus, added: “We are thrilled to partner with a company making waves in the plant-based and foodservice robotics industry”.

“SavorEat’s unique mission to bring customisable plant-based solutions perfectly fits our vision to bring a happy and healthy eating experience to college campuses.”

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SavorEat and Sodexo debut plant-based Robot Chef in the US market

The Plant Base

12 September 2023

SavorEat and Sodexo debut plant-based Robot Chef in the US market

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