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Meat alternatives company Quorn has become a fully-paid up member of the UK Plant-Based Food Alliance (PBFA).

The Plant-Based Food Alliance UK is a coalition of organisations that include Oatly, Alpro, Upfield, The Vegan Society, Good Food Institute and ProVeg.

It represents food and beverage producers, manufacturers, non-governmental organisations, retailers, nutritionists, academic bodies and consumer organisations in influencing policy makers to develop legislation that supports the growth of the plant-based food sector.

The PBFA said that Quorn’s move will strengthen the Alliance’s clout at Westminster, at a time when labelling of plant-based foods is under threat of restrictions. New guidance aimed at trading standards officials – but as yet, unpublished – looks to restrict dairy descriptor terms used by plant-based products, such as ‘alternative to milk’ or ‘yogurt-style.’

Marisa Heath, PBFA CEO said: “There is so much the government can do to encourage climate-friendly diets – in the form of trade, public procurement, research, marketing, as well as regulation – and we really need the big plant-based companies by our side as we negotiate our way there”.

Heath added that the PBFA has been fighting the proposed labelling guidance for over a year and will continue to do so.

Quorn was born out of research in the 1960s to find a solution to food shortages presented by a rapidly growing population, fulfilling the need for a new sustainable protein source with its Mycoprotein made from the microfungus Fusarium venenatum.

Tess Kelly, head of external engagement at Quorn Foods said: “Quorn Foods shares the conviction that making positive change happen on our plates is a vital step to regenerating human and planetary health. We look forward to contributing to the work of the PBFA, and are proud to stand alongside fellow pioneering organisations that are at the forefront of providing the solutions needed to speed the transition to a food future that is healthy, sustainable, equitable and absolutely delicious.”

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Quorn joins Plant-Based Food Alliance UK

The Plant Base

28 June 2023

Quorn joins Plant-Based Food Alliance UK

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