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Planteneers is offering manufacturers a range of plant-based alternatives to classic Oktoberfest favourites such as Bavarian veal sausage, Thuringer and Nuremburg bratwurst.

The plant-based meat and dairy alternatives company, headquartered in Ahrensburg, Germany, has developed formulations for a range of product concepts including an entirely plant-based liver loaf.

“Our fiild-Meat flexible stabilising system is based on pea and fava bean protein, hydrocolloids and starch,” explained Pia Meinlschmidt, team leader of product management at Planteneers.

“It lets manufacturers use conventional processing and filling lines to make a wide variety of products simply and easily.”

The stabilising system is also free of phosphates, soy and allergens.

Meinlschmidt added that Planteneers can supply the systems either as all-in compounds including seasonings, flavourings and colours, or as purely functional systems to which the customer can then add their own seasonings.

She noted that in particular, the company’s Bavarian veal sausage alternatives offer the authentic flavour and texture “in every way”, achieved through intensive research and application trials.

Alongside the sausage alternatives, Planteneers offers a plant-based version of obazda cheese spread that can be ready “at short notice”.

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Planteneers offers vegan Oktoberfest favourites

The Plant Base

22 September 2023

Planteneers offers vegan Oktoberfest favourites

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