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Laird Superfood has launched its new Antioxidant Daily Reds supplement drink, formulated to support muscle recovery and cardiovascular health.

The company, a developer of functional coffee and creamers known for its collection of plant-based products with adaptogens, launched the product with an aim to help US consumers meet daily nutritional goals.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 91% of Americans do not consume enough vegetables and 88% do not consume enough fruit.

Laird Superfood said its product can support American consumers in closing this gap by providing two servings of their recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables in each glass.

According to the company, the red and orange fruits and vegetables included in its drink can offer high levels of antioxidants which help to combat free radicals that may accumulate in the body and can also support the oxidation-reduction (REDOX) balance, supporting the health of many body functions including the cardiovascular system.

Laird Superfood Antioxidant Daily Reds contains cherry, turmeric, strawberries, beetroot and green tea extract to provide antioxidants and vitamins while also offering a light, fruity taste. It is available as a supplement powder that can be mixed into water or blended with a smoothie.

Jason Vieth, CEO of Laird Superfood, said: “We’re excited to offer products that fit seamlessly into the daily lives of our customers by providing nutritious, functional, delicious foods”.

“As a leader in the functional food category, we’re building on that commitment by launching our new Antioxidant Daily Reds to help support muscle recovery and cardiovascular support for all of our consumers.”

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Laird Superfood launches red antioxidant drink

The Plant Base

6 November 2023

Laird Superfood launches red antioxidant drink

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