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Unilever-owned brand The Vegetarian Butcher has announced a new partnership with precision fermentation specialist The Every Company.

Every harnesses precision fermentation technology to create nature-equivalent egg products made in a hen-free, animal-friendly process. The company, headquartered in the US, debuted its flagship Every Egg product at an exclusive event in New York last year.

It is aiming to bring its humanely sourced functional egg ingredients to consumers across the globe through partnering with popular brands, the most recent being the Netherlands-headquartered alt-meat maker The Vegetarian Butcher. It also initiated a partnership with US-based alternative protein company Alpha Foods last year.

In a statement, Unilever said that Every’s clean label ingredient is a natural fit with The Vegetarian Butcher’s mission to release animals from the food chain. Following years of efforts to ‘further veganise’ its product range, the collaboration with Every aims to accelerate this process while retaining the products’ taste and texture. In particular, Every’s animal-free egg whites will reduce dependency and provide a clean label alternative to methylcellulose, currently used as a binding agent in some of the brand’s vegan meat alternative products.

Nick Toriello, COO at Every, told The Plant Base: “The Vegetarian Butcher is partnering with Every because of the superior binding properties of our egg white protein. The exceptional functionality of our protein enables brands to create products with superior taste and texture that their customers demand.”

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The Vegetarian Butcher partners with Every

Melissa Bradshaw

23 May 2024

The Vegetarian Butcher partners with Every

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