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Cosun and Oost NL have jointly invested €8 million in Wageningen-based food-tech scale-up revyve.

The investment will be used to boost revyve’s development of sustainable, upcycled and local food ingredients, derived from co-products of beer breweries.

The announcement was confirmed on social media:

Revyve uses patented technology to extract protein and fibre ingredients from brewer’s yeast. These upcycled food ingredients have a low carbon footprint, are highly functional and are suited to replace animal proteins and E-numbers, such as egg white and methylcellulose.

The scale-up’s upcycled ingredients contribute to reducing CO2 footprint from food nd offer more clean-label solutions for food producers. This aligns with Cosun’s ‘Unlock25’ strategy which is focused on natural and health-promoting ingredients, upcycling co-products and building a future-proof sustainable chain.

Cedric Verstraeten, CEO of revyve, said: “Our ingredients have great gelling, emulsification and foaming functionality which provides a sustainable, clean-label and delicious alternative to unlock amazing texture. We are proud of this new partnership with Oost NL and Cosun Protein and excited to contribute to a better and more sustainable food system.”

Thijs Bosch, director of Cosun Protein, commented: “This investment is fully in line with Cosun’s sustainability agenda and our ambitions for alternative protein. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with revyve through our knowledge and expertise as a producer of plant-based protein and other functional ingredients to create sustainable food ingredients for future generations.”

Oost NL’s investment is from Perspectieffonds Gelderland (PFG), a fund focused on transitions for a sustainable future. Oscar Elderink, investment manager of PFG at Oost NL, added: “The Wageningen ecosystem is an important hub for food innovation towards a sustainable and healthy food system. We are proud that with our investment, revyve can take steps towards the development of sustainable and local food ingredients.”

He continued: “We believe that revyve’s product can have a significant impact on creating a circular food chain and facilitating the transition to protein alternatives”.

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Royal Cosun and Oost NL invest in revyve

The Plant Base

3 May 2023

Royal Cosun and Oost NL invest in revyve

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