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Alt-milk innovator JOI has expanded its portfolio of plant milk concentrates with the addition of a variety made from 100% organic hemp hearts.

With no requirement to be kept refrigerated, the concentrate can be blended with water to make a clean-label hemp milk that JOI claims offers double the protein of the “leading boxed hemp milk brands”.

As well as saving packaging compared with liquid alternatives, the new offering is free from the gums, fillers and sugars found in other products. It can be added to coffee and smoothies or used to replace milk and butter in cooking.

JOI, which stands for ‘just one ingredient,’ says that one truckload of its concentrates is equivalent to seven truckloads of plant-based milk sold in a carton.

The hemp concentrate comes in an 8lb pail, which yields 60 quarts of milk, and is available to consumers and foodservice businesses.

“JOI was born out of a desire to radically improve plant-based milks and offer a human-centric approach to clean eating and sustainability,” said CEO Hector Gutierrez.

“We want to empower the world to take the first step into a plant-based lifestyle by providing a simple, sustainable, whole food solution that is free of all preservatives.”


JOI debuts one-ingredient hemp milk concentrate

The Plant Base

20 April 2023

JOI debuts one-ingredient hemp milk concentrate

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