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Foodiq has developed a new ingredient that “unlocks the potential of fermented fava beans”.

The Finnish company says that Fabea+ contains high levels of protein and fibre, while the use of fermentation helps create a neutral taste profile.

Available as a powder and as a block, the fava bean ingredient can be used to make products such as meat substitutes, baked goods, dairy alternatives and pasta. In addition, it is said to be highly malleable and “can take any shape…desired”.

“We turned fermented fava beans into a Nordic magic powder able to upgrade your product to the next level, whether it’s dairy, grain or meat,” said Pasi Raito, chief business officer at Foodiq.

“Thanks to our unique, industrial-scale manufacturing process, combined with natural fermentation, Fabea+ has a neutral taste and no odour. It is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and suitable for [the] FODMAP diet.”

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Foodiq develops fermented fava bean ingredient

The Plant Base

21 December 2022

Foodiq develops fermented fava bean ingredient

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