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With the theme "Unbox the Future", the Food & Beverage lnnovation Forum 2024 (FBIF2024) and FBlF iFood Show will take place on 25-27 June 2024 in the National Convention and Exhibition Centre (Shanghai), China.


FBIF2024 is expected to have 200+ topics (Agenda), 240+ speakers, 7400+ industry guests attending the conference, 150+ VIP guests for the Channel Gala Dinner, 900+ exhibitors, 2000+ innovative products, 200+ top-selling products and brands in the Product Matchmaking Corridor, and draw participation from over 47,000 attendees. 



The FBIF2024 forum will last for three days, consisting of a Plenary Session and 11 sub-forums. The Plenary Session will take place on the last day.


The 11 sub-forums are Dairy Talks, Snack & Baking, Drink Talks, Alcohol Talks, Condiment & 3R Food, Ingredient Talks, Channel Talks, Pack Talks, Marketing Talks, Startup Talks and Tech Talks.


New changes are added to spice up the sub-forums. The Channel Talks is enriched with a one-day discussion dedicated to overseas business expansion. Meanwhile, Tech Talks focuses on aligning technology and business strategies such as AI and future food technology.


FBIF forum planning has an international perspective. The forum is expected to invite 240 guests from China, Russia, the United States, Australia, Italy, Brazil, Israel, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries and regions in the food and related industries to share their insights at FBIF2024. A panorama of trends and dynamics of global top brands, challenger players, and key suppliers will be unfolded to the attendees in three short yet exciting days. Check the confirmed speakers of FBIF2024.



Meanwhile, FBIF Wow Food Awards and FBIF iFood Show, an exhibition of food innovations that covers over 62,000 square meters, will bring a splash of inspirations.


FBIF iFood Show, also called FBIF Food Innovation Exhibition, aims to provide F&B companies with a professional display and communication platform.


FBIF iFood Show 2024 consists of 900+ exhibitors and special events. It brings together cutting-edge suppliers from food ingredients, manufacturing equipment, manufacturing and OEM, packaging, marketing, design, testing, and supply chain services, as well as brand companies.


As for the exhibition special events, the FBIF New Product Report team has made great efforts to select 2000+ innovative products from the world's major mainstream markets, of which 800 SKUs are from the international markets, in the area "FBiF Global New Food Collection". There will also be the "FBiF Global Creative Packaging Design Gallery", showcasing the world's most aesthetically valuable and innovative food packaging designs, 180+ creative packaging and FBIF Wow Food Awards-winning works, in-depth sharing by 5 design leaders, and on-site workshops on packaging improvement. In addition, FBIF2024 has also planned the Foodtalks Matchmaking for channel cooperation. Top channel players, including Metro, HitGoo, JD Daojia, Lawson, Temu, Be Friends, Poizon, Meituan, Douyin, Kuaishou, Yami, and Caihua Trading will join the Channel Gala Dinner as well as matchmaking sessions.

FBIF 2024

25 - 27 June 2024

Shanghai, China


FBIF 2024

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